Beta Support

This flagship SME support scheme seeks to empower people who already engage in small-scale businesses, but require additional capital ranging between 50,000 – 200,000 (naira) to further expand their business structure, purchase equipment and increase clientele base. The business ideas supported will cut across different industries; fashion, agriculture, technology etc; and beneficiaries will be provided with additional support tools and mentorship.

Health & Lifestyle Campaigns

These health/lifestyle campaigns help to educate and sensitize the public on fundamental health issues and lifestyle practises in our society. The health/lifestyle issues include: Sickle cell, mental health awareness as well as campaigns against sexual harassment and domestic violence. We have organized a ‘Blood Drive’ in partnership with the Sickle Cell Anaemia Foundation (SCAF Nigeria) to encourage blood and stem cell donors.

Education and Mentorship

The essential nature of education in a knowledge & technology driven world cannot be overemphasised. Through our education and mentorship program, secondary school pupils are paired with mentors in the fields that they aspire to venture into in the future. SociaLiga football players are experts, who work in fields and pupils paired with them will learn how to maximize their full potentials by merging education and sports.

Relief Bank

The ‘Relief Bank’ serves as a collection centre for food, clothing items and medical supplies for onward donation to displaced persons and orphanages/special shelters. Through events such as; the ‘SociaLiga Football & Olympics’, yard sales etc; individual/corporate bodies can donate welfare items which will be sent to selected displaced victims & NGOs that partner with us. We hope to reach as many persons who need such aid as possible.