Beta Support

We empower small-scale businesses with capital investments to help them expand and grow their business.

Health & Lifestyle Campaigns

We create health/lifestyle campaigns help to educate and sensitize the public on fundamental health issues and lifestyle practises in our society

Education and Mentorship

We pair secondary school pupils with mentors in the fields that they aspire to venture into in the future.

Relief Bank

We collect food, clothing items and medical supplies for onward donation to displaced persons and orphanages/special shelters.

Media & Partnership

Media & Partnership

We welcome partnership with individuals and corporate bodies in different spheres of businesses and endeavours as well as media organizations that can offer media coverage and promote the activities of SociaLiga foundation.

Become Volunteer

Become Volunteer

We have an existing network of young and dynamic volunteers; however, you can volunteer at our events and join our on/offline campaigns by reaching us via the contact information provided.

Send Donation

Send Donation

We need donations. By donating items such as; food, clothes, books, stationery or even monetary gifts, you will be helping us achieve our goals in terms bringing smiles to different groups of people.

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Become a Volunteer

We would love to have new volunteers that will partner and help expand our charity network. Help our cause and volunteer today.JOIN TODAY